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Philosophy      Employees must be the best employees, companies must be the best companies, products must be the best products, the management must be the most reasonable management.
Spirit      Rigorous, pragmatic, innovation and dedication.
Ideal      Leading, first-class and better.
Target      To do the world's industry giants, "Division" throughout the world.
Development thinking      Industrial projects, create wealth, to achieve the benefit of society.
Management Master Plan      Reference to international, combined with national conditions, adaptation, and conducive to the development.
Management mechanism      Focus the priority of the leadership system of decision-making, hierarchical management; performance incentives encourage competition; a head, one-stop, integrated operating mechanism.
Management objectives      Everyone something to do, everything was tubes, each piece has ultimately responsible.
Management features      The full implementation of the Dynamic innovation management ", in the dynamic development of the winning innovation.
Management measures      Now, accomplishing as soon as possible; 2. Stop service, the ultimate responsibility; 3 20/80 principle to develop top players; 4. Learn to think that taking a step, ask one.
Management of alarm      The decision is wrong is the largest corporate disaster.
Staff training      Strengthen the concept of standards; improve quality; superb skills, develop intelligence; improve understanding; towards the peak.
Training program      Face reality, self defeating, straightening out relations, put the location to accept the norms, from scratch, into the role of success.
Operation mode      Type of technology business - technology in hand, market self, production and social collaboration.
Public relations strategy      Within the increase in the quality of the plastic image, bi-directional manner, well-known advocate.
Employer-oriented      Not the only qualification on the contribution, not only level of ability, not only titles on the competent, not just a diploma on the level.
Employment standards      Good conduct, act quickly, a strong sense of responsibility; capable, obedience, and intimate. Work attitude      Go all out to create the perfect.
Assessment in accordance with      Least, the shortest possible time, the cost of the most, the best method of accomplishing the best thing; reduce the links, focus on performance, the pursuit to save a little bit better.
Greeting      Ruijiu yesterday, thank you for your support! Are subjects of tomorrow, but need your love!